Hi, I’m Grace. I’m a writer. I’m also a mum. MUM FACE is my memoir about motherhood, but I wanted to keep the conversation going, so now it’s also this fancy website. You’ll find the stories, people, ideas and – since I am still a beauty editor by trade – the odd beauty product that float my boat now I’m a mum. WELCOME!

When I unexpectedly got pregnant in 2012, I was carving out a career in journalism, writing for magazines like VogueGlamourSTYLE and Teen Vogue. But then I peed on a stick and BOOM, I was derailed. I grew up in the ‘women can have it all’ 1990s, and as a magazine editor knew what the life of a successful working mum was supposed to look like. But nothing could prepare me for the explosive tits, the vaginal dilators or the soul-splitting cocktail of guilt, love, fear and self-loathing having a baby would entail. The total annihilation of my identity – as a woman, a writer, a wife, a friend, even a daughter – was in progress from the minute I found out I was pregnant. Falling in love with my daughter changed me. My life, my body and routine changed so radically it meant that my identity shifted in a major way. We can all relate to the changes that can unsteady us a women. I still haven’t figured it all out and never fully will as it’s constantly evolving, but I hope that by sharing some of my experiences honestly, it will help us all feel braver to be open about the challenges of being a mum.

Let’s do this, mama!