Runway?! More MUMWAY! Mums as fashion’s muse?

(c) Grazia, styled by Gemma Hayward

I was flicking through Grazia this week and realised it had been ages since I properly pored over a fashion spread. I like shopping pages sometimes, but the actual fashion shoots – unfeasibly expensive clothes draped on quite uniquely shaped women – has sort of fallen off my radar a bit, despite having worked in that very realm for years, pre-baby.

And yet – HELLO GRAZIA!! As I feverishly flicked from one fashion-forward look to the next I realised since I last flicked, things have changed! HEY MAYBE DESIGNERS HAVE FINALLY OPENED ITS EYES TO THE CONSUMER! MAYBE WE’RE DONE WITH IMPRACTICALLY FLOATY DRESSES AND JUMPSUITS THAT GIVE YOU THRUSH, AND MAYBE WE’RE FINALLY GETTING REALISTIC! MAYBE THE MUM IS THE MUSE! Which makes sense if you think, all designers had a mum, presumably.

The spread included some potentially mum-friendly clothes. I’m not talking about the clothes you wear when the kids are out of reach or over the age of 4 and therefore fairly in control of their own bodily fluids and other substances in their possession (i.e., just people’s clothes) but mums on the frontline of puking, shitting, spilling, sweating, leaking, crying, drooling. The new season’s hottest trends included:

A PVC-style jacket – wipe-clean, water-resistant. Suggested parental stage: 0-36 months post-partum.

Top and trousers in a chains-and-belts Gucci-esque print, by Pinko – basically a walking Snakes-and-Ladders board to entertain your kids with, and you can play it lying very still. Wait until your kid is around two so they don’t gob on it.

Leggings with stirrups – no need to shave your ankles. Suitable for all ages and stages.

I want it all.

On a more serious note: seeing a woman of colour with natural curls in a spread like this = more significant, uplifting progress that really counts. Danyrose is EVERYTHING.





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