How eyebrows can rock your world

I didn’t know I really needed eyebrows until I got them. I’ve always had some, granted and even toyed with shading them in with a powder now and then. I’ve had quite a few different types of shaping appointment over the years – threading, waxing, tweezering – but it wasn’t until I discovered HD Brows that I really GOT brows. And now I feel a bit naked without them. If my brow game is strong, the rest of my face can sort of fall away a bit – they give structure to the mushy expanse of pink skin, they make me look a bit more groomed.

I was wary at first – a Scouse brow just wouldn’t work on me – but was persuaded when my best friend had them done. And I suggest you too only go on recommendation – even HD in the wrong hands could be a disaster of Groucho Marx proportions. They use a combination of science and witchcraft to establish what the perfect brow shape is for YOU – you can’t go in and ask for an Angelina, it’s more bespoke than that. And then they wax, trim, tweeze and tint that perfect arch in less than 20 minutes.

So for two weeks, that’s brows sorted. The tint does start to fade about two weeks in so then I lightly fill in the gaps with either Benefit Gimme Brow (in a shade darker than my natural colour) which literally takes less than 30 seconds to do both brows. TOP TIP: Don’t cleanse with an oil-based eye makeup remover as this will break down the tint more quickly.


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